Reflections (2018)

How do you tell a story with sound? What is sound design? What is the Sound for the Moving Image programme at the Glasgow School of Art?

Persona (2018)

My interpretation of the soundtrack was based on the concepts of duality (light and dark, tension and release) and dream states of nightmare and hypnagogia (between dreaming and waking).


Hidden Places (2018)

“Anything in our world that moves vibrates air.
If it moves in such a way that it oscillates at more than about 16 times a second this movement is heard as sound.
The world, then, is full of sounds. Listen.
Openly attentive to whatever is vibrating, listen.
Sit quietly for a moment and receive.”

– R.M. Schafer, 1969

Sintel (2017)

A collaborative effort in which all audio elements were replaced. More information on the open-source short can be found here.