So much glitchy media establishes a creative authority separate from that of the author… a choreographed multidiciplinary arrangement of desirable shortcomings tying to make the unbroken better by breaking it.

– Rugnetta, 2014. How Does Glitchy Art Show Us Broken Is Beautiful?

On one side: beauty in order, precision, and form.

On the other: irrationality, wild abandon, and spontaneity.

Glitch art mirrors the Nietzschean concept of the Dionysian character. It is structurally broken, random and unpredictable. In this way it also alludes to improvisation – the very process for creating glitch art requires finding order amidst chaos.

Is one more desirable than the other? Can the two coexist?

Art owes its continuous evolution to the Apollonian- Dionysian duality. – Nietzsche

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